Springer Rescue for Scotland

I know that not all Spaniels are as fortunate as me and that they don’t all have a loving home and get lots of walks, cuddles and treats. For that reason, when people want to take a photo of me in my sidecar, my owners ask for a donation to SRS (Springer Rescue for Scotland). SRS volunteers all over Scotland try to make sure that as many Spaniels as possible find good homes where they can be happy.

If you would like to make a donation to Springer Rescue for Scotland and help spaniels find loving homes, then just click here.

We are pleased to say that on our 2015 Road Trip, we raised £83.37 from the generous donations of people who wanted to take my picture. My owners matched that figure and we were able to give a total of £166.74 to Springer Rescue for Scotland. This may seem like a lot of money, but it is the average cost of re-homing only one dog! We hope that dog will be a happy one 🙂


8 thoughts on “Springer Rescue for Scotland

  1. you passed me the other day between poolewe and gairloch.i had to look twice!!! really made me smile.a spaniel with goggles on.brilliant.


    1. Glad we made you smile, Ian. We’ve had a lot of waves and thumbs up from people passing us in their cars. We are happy to make people happy 🙂


  2. Springers are special, Rune is extra special! Are you going to be travelling through Dumfries & Galloway by any chance? We’d love to meet you.


  3. Hallo Rune,
    Here is your sister writing. You are doing so well. What a great ideal! Hope you have a lots of fun. Maybe you pass our village on your way back and we can meet again?
    Greetings, Naila


    1. Hello Naila, nice to hear from you! I miss my brothers and sisters. I love playing with other dogs and I would love to play with you again. Where do you live now?


  4. hey Rune,
    I live near Bretten now. Its between Pforzheim and Karlsruhe. Im a little bit sad that we have no contact to my sisters and brothers because my parents and me always wondering what they are doing!


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